From The Style Council

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Saturday 30th November 2019
Moon on the Water 7pm

From The Style Council are an impressive 7-piece band featuring former members of The Style Council; bass & guitar player Anthony Harty and singer Jaye Ella-Ruth (formerly known as Jaye Williamson).
Playing songs made famous by The Style Council, they bring back the full flavour and arrangements of the original live band.
Grammy Award winner Anthony Harty was the original bass player and guitarist in The Style Council, which was formed by Paul Weller, joining at the age of 16 in 1983.
Jaye Ella-Ruth, (formally known as Jaye Williamson) toured with The Style Council in 1984, touring worldwide and appearing on the Sight and Sound in Concert and Far East & Far Out videos, which featured Anthony in the line-up.
With a career spanning over 35 years, Anthony and Jaye have performed with hundreds of bands and artistes, but it’s The Style Council that remains their firm favourite, having scored seven Top 10 hits.
From The Style Council bring to you all those timeless songs, including: Shout To The Top, Speak Like A Child, You’re The Best Thing, Walls Come Tumbling Down!, My Ever Changing Moods and Long Hot Summer, plus well known album tracks and b-sides. Delivering a set of the most-loved songs from the original band’s most successful period, Anthony and his band of superb musicians deliver a show to remember, keeping the music from this iconic band alive with a stamp of authenticity that sets them apart from the rest!
Let’s Shout To The Top!

Saturday 30th November
CLEETHORPES – Moon On The Water
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Doors – 7.00pm
Tickets – £15.00